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How to Bowstall
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If you want to have a different and active budget family holidays , try kayaking! This activity will surely make for an exciting getaway for the whole family. Try learning how to bowstall to add more fun to your kayaking holiday.

The bowstall is a fun move in that can show off your vertical balance in a kayak. In order to
become comfortable with it, you should spend some time in the pool working on your balance
skills. The best way is to go to the edge of the pool, holding onto the side, get your boat into a
vertical position. Keep your head down near (or in) the water, try to use your abdominal muscles
to keep the boat in a vertical position. Once you get the hang of this, try grabbing a paddle from
the edge of the pool and try your balance with it! Once you start getting your balance, your
ready to try it from a double-pump.

1st bowstall pic 2nd bowstall pic 3rd
I'm winding up, note my torso
leading the boat.
Boat on edge & bow is up. My
torso starts to turn toward the
Now I'm facing the water, note
my bow is still headed upward
4th Bowstall pic 5th Bowstall pic 6th Bowstall pic
Facing the water, I reverse
stroke & pull the boat down.
Using my abs, the bow is
down, note the paddle hasn't
changed position much.
Now vertical, I could use my
left blade to stop my spin
momentum if needed.
7th Bowstall pic 8th Bowstall pic 9th Bowstall pic
To keep your balance, you
may need to place your head
into the water.
Pushing/Pulling on the paddle is
made easier in the high/low
brace positions.
Once you get this down, you'll
be ready to throw down even
more advanced moves!
Remember, it's a lot easier to practice this move in a warm pool than in a cold river! If you try
this and are still having problems, you can e-mail me at
jake@whitewaterkayak.com for more